- Can't go chloro if already two others, because no cross veil
- Can't go chloro is no other heals; have to have a competent 2nd healer to pocket you because you have to put yourself on the front line to even heal. - and any intelligent dps is going to burst you.
- Travel time to heal with Vile Spores or Ruin.
- Poor mobility between cooldowns. / no mobile spam/channel st heals. WV is awful in synth in pvp.
- Have to target and be in range of enemy to heal ally
+ Have to have line of sight on both person I'm trying to hit and person i'm trying to heal
- You can only synth one person. on a 5s cooldown to swap it. Which is on the global cooldown. Luckily we have a ogcd symbiosis? oh wait 45s cd.

Having to use a global cooldown just to swap your intention to heal is ridiculous. Every other targeted healer just ****ing swaps target.

Oh and obligatory:
- No shields
- No mitigation

The "Better gear. Better PvP" has made it even harder for chloros to be useful outside of perfect condictions: having a pocket/better tank healers, already winning, other team is stacking for Corrosive, the other team is stupid and doesn't focus you, the other team doesn't have healers and your dps doesn't suck.

tl;dr : Solo queuing mage heals is cancer and leads to brain tumours.

but hey maybe I just suck /12 wtb skillz