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Thread: Arenas please?

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    What might be cool and not too hard to implement would be to allow player dimensions to be tagged as "arena" and let players sort out for themselves how to form groups and size limits.

    You have to form your group/raid before entering, the dimension owner can set how many groups are allowed in, and once that many are in it becomes locked. The game could just assign teams to each group using the current CQ teams.

    If it gets any degree of interest at all Trion could polish it up. My guess is it would get very little use, though. Because people want the game to do for them what they can't figure out how to do themselves (i.e., put together balanced groups with reasonably equal chances of winning).

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    They have said their game will never be balanced around aspects of 1 v 1.

    They also almost entirely took down the reward free 5 v 5 Black Garden because they statistically saw it was going massively unused (I personally could attribute this to some things, but that's whatever).

    To think that with all on their table, they would delve into creation of an entire scene of Arena would only happen if their PvE engaging player base evaporated over night and nothing was left but PVP. Then...it might happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuuli View Post
    Maybe we could have an open world like arena instead of instance. Teams could drop a dueling flag challenging another group. Everyone could watch and enjoy the spectacle. I know that dims were doing that.
    The open world idea might actually work if trion doesn't want to put instanced arenas in

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