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Thread: On Healers vs. Carriers in WFs

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    Question On Healers vs. Carriers in WFs

    Hey all, so I was hoping to get some feedback as to who should be targeted first in a WF, generally speaking. This is in regards to level 65 WFs.

    I've encountered some people who argue that healers should always be first, regardless of the objectives, and some who say carriers. I do realize that a good communicator in a PUG will address priorities based on the situation, sizing up the other team's specs and whatnot, but really, DPS should be able to take their own initiative to work on particular enemies.

    From my own perspective, I've always thought that maps with objectives that gradually kill off the carriers (fang, runes) should put the carriers themselves as priority targets, regardless of the number of healers on him or her (realistically there shouldn't be more than 1-2 I'm thinking). Focus firing is somewhat hard to coordinate in PUGs, but I'm sure a quick raid warning or marker should give enough of a notice to DPSers. Also, I know this may apply less if the carrier is a healer and is receiving additional support from another healer.

    As for flag capping/stone carrying maps, I feel it is more appropriate to target healers first unless the carrier is fully mobile and is in close in proximity to any of the objectives.

    Does anyone think similarly to what I think, or am I getting the general idea wrong? This isn't necessarily asking what strategies to use for each map because I am sure there are more threads on that topic.

    I also apologize if this has been asked before, but this was really pressing after consecutive matches of our team DPSing without any particular focus.

    Thanks for your time!
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    I like to hit healers first, myself, but I think it is often situational. Since you mentioned the fang from Black Garden, I'll use it as an example. I like to heal that map, but if I'm dpsing, it's generally an all out AoE fest at mid, so while that's going on, I like to find the healers (Since you can't reach them from base) and get them marked. Any healer with less than ~77k health I like to hit first. Those healers tend to be the easiest to take out. Once (If) the fang is captured by the enemy, I'll switch to the carrier. The way it goes, most players will start attacking the carrier (if they aren't completely clueless and chasing a tank around somewhere) so whether I help dps the carrier or not usually depends on how quickly the healers are getting them back to full health after the fang ticks damage. Reason being is that if it's going up almost immediately, then heals are pretty heavy and taking a healer out would be beneficial. If their health is slow to recover or doesn't recover fully (Or they were dumb and picked up the fang as a full tank), then I'll focus the carrier because they'll generally go down quickly.

    For maps like Karthan, where you don't take damage from the stone and you have to get the stone somewhere, I definitely find it better to take down the carrier. With roots and stuns you can slow their forward progression and a lot of healers struggle to heal on the run. If you're finding that your roots and stuns aren't saving you any time because there are too many healers, then it might not be a bad idea to root the carrier and focus a low hp healer (should have enemy health bars displayed so you can quickly find those with low health). However, the majority of the time, in this situation, you should be able to quickly focus down the carrier without having to worry about heals.

    Overall, I think you'll find that it is much better and much more efficient to target the carriers before the healers, but like I said, it's generally situational.
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    Sometimes it's the healer, sometimes it's the carrier, sometimes it's a DPS, sometimes it's a dominator...

    It just come down to identifying the best course of action and undertaking it.

    Depending on your position, the enemies positions, their group composition, the strength of their individual players, etc.

    Usually, I personally end up having an order that goes like this:
    1. Isolated healer
    2. Overextending DPS
    3. Chloro
    4. Dangerous DPSers
    5. Average or better healer
    6. The rest of the potatoes

    This order usually change depending on what's going on and what I play. Since I'm mostly melee, I can't just pick anyone either.

    As for the objective, it always depends on the urgency of the situation. If their team can easily be crushed by taking down their MVPs, we can have the objective uncontested after we crushed them so targeting the objective isn't the good way to go.
    If their team is solid, depending on who carry, where he/she is and who is protecting him/her and how dire our situation is, it's usually going to be the objective.

    For example, in Blighted Antechamber, I always take down the flag carrier if my team doesn't have the flag.
    If my team got the flag, I always take down the flag carrier if he hasn't reach close to his base. If he is close to his base, I always take down their top DPS or healers if the carrier is a potato since you need to kill everyone or almost everyone to even have a chance at returning the flag, so killing those who kill your team become much more important.

    Sometimes, it's not even about killing.
    Pressure on a healer can go a much longer way than trying to kill someone else.
    Or pulling/pushing people off of cliffs.
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    there is no one rule, you have to re-evaluate moment by moment.

    maps such as garden, library and ghar, the objectives do half the work for you, so targeting them is simply easier.

    in something like karthan, if the carriers are still hanging around mid, sure, go for a healer. but if they are on a node, go for the carrier. if you target a healer, the carrier caps and you lose.

    in domination maps, do whatever needs to be done to flip a flag fast and worry about killing after.

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    Damage and CC both. Wreck the healer all day, if I'm a beefy character, I am getting free run time as long as my healer lives.

    If you beat on the runner, chances are they may get healed through it all.

    It's not really one or the other, you (the team) should be pegging both.
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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    Really appreciate all the replies.

    So yeah, I guess it's all really dependent on the situation, but thanks for giving some of your own tips as well.

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    Target Switching is way too underrated in Rift PVP.
    The usual healers in Rift, mostly the guys who just pvp for the weeklys, are unable to realize such a target switch.
    Just make moderate DPS on one target, switch to someone OOP, burst him down and u will realize how bad people react to it --> Profit.
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