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Thread: new warfront messages/announcements

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    Default new warfront messages/announcements

    was thinking. yes my head did hurt and had to have a beer after. however...

    we have this: first blood, killing spreee,rampage,unstopable and Sekirach. well maybe not Sekirach but can always be a option for the future :P

    how about we add contribute mini achi morale boosters like...well idk for healers:

    - first aid,third aid, 6th aid, saviour...everydayimshuffling ? (title name is not important, and can be a vote/pool)

    same for damage soaked maybe - sponge, red soaks, UW factor 6, ninja turtle , sexyalsikdans...etc

    those little things make my PvP sweeter. and i know any killer loves seeing his name with unstopable. why stop there? other ppl contribute a lot too.

    what think you?

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    sounds loud

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