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Thread: PvP Guild vs Guild Divisions and maybe leagues later on?

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    Default PvP Guild vs Guild Divisions and maybe leagues later on?

    Hello everyone! This, I've noticed, is what many competitive pvpers want. A guild vs guild divisions for warfronts. I've talked to tons of different people with their thoughts, and they said that bringing this aspect to the game would attract thousands of more players and make pvp more competitive, which i agree with (If this works).

    How would this work? Well, guilds can make pvp teams or there can be pure pvp guilds battling to be the best guild in PvP. The warfronts could run as they normally would but captians or assistant captians can accept game challenges from other guilds and put players or substitute players in. There needs to be a limit as to how many players play for each team based on the objective or game type. Example: 10v10 CTF. Players should also choose to spectate matches.

    Where would be statistics? Statistics can be viewed by a command in game or a website for the PvP division. Including ladders, recent games, guild rosters, and other pvp news. It should look something like this: http://twd.trenchwars.org
    This website is for another game (Subspace/Continuum) in which this is their pvp divisions website. This website greatly shows how pvp should websites should be setup.

    Ok, so if this works and people want to be even more competitive, can we do leagues?
    A pvp league would bring even more competition to the pvp world of the game. A league can start by choosing the top 8 pvp guilds and having them playoff at eachother. This can be setup as 4 games won = you move on, all the way to the championships. This can be setup differently, but i think it would work best this way. Also, the players that win the leagues may get items in game or may hold a league title. These titles can be shown in rosters. I think the rosters should look like this. The medals next to the players' names show what league they won and what game mode they won it in.

    Of all of these aspects were added, which i know may take time, could make pvp more fun and competitive and attract tons of players to the game. Share your thoughts guys!
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    lovely idea! and before any1 suggests silly things - no1 wants any rewards.

    id also like to state that my pretty much only scheduled logging in the game at certain time (and my guild is great in all possible ways a guild is great) was when we had a organised guild duel.

    it was Chronic Insanity VS Hear us Roar . was a 20vs20 or add who u want if u dont have 20. (more realistic guild VS guiild nowdays is 5vs5) We mega stomped them and they were never allowed to stand at our stairs regardless what they might say about it. It was a singular great experiance for both guilds,crazy fun,no ranting and mutual respect.

    im just afraid this suggestion, like many other ones will end up in endless quee and proudly wait its turn...head to head with next Halley's Commet.

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