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Thread: Shields in pvp?

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    Default Shields in pvp?

    Last night, I spent over two hours perusing the pages of the compendium thread regarding specific pvp changes over the years and didn't find the answer I'm seeking.

    Does anyone know what factors are involved regarding the "block mechanic" in pvp?

    This has puzzled me for quite some time. The block mechanic with shield usage just doesn't occur often in pvp, unless faced with multiple opponents- and yes, I realize it is aimed towards physical damage. But still, it just doesn't activate very often in a pvp environment as compared to a standard pve scenario.

    The damage reduction of approximately 30% is not what I'm referring to- just simply the frequency in which the block mechanic activates.

    I don't think the "hit factor" of the aggressor is the culprit, as this situation has been like this since well before 3.0- when most participants had pvp gear that lacked "hit".

    Maybe I'm wrong- regardless, does anyone know for certain?

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    when 3.0 came out trion tried to fix this and make it work properly, and we ended up with a 10-15% miss/dodge rate in pvp. because of this, don't expect block or other evasion abilities like dodge to work as well as their tooltip values suggest pretty much ever.

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    Also remember that spells can't be blocked, and you have a lot of spells flying at you in PvP.

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    I've given up trying to figure out dodge/block/miss mechanics in instanced PvP.

    With the introduction of 3.0, the functionality of hit was removed from PvP. Prior to this pvp gear did have hit on it, enough hit to negate the effects of avoidance stats. This is when you saw the forums flood with complaints of missed attacks and souls with high passive avoidance/avoidance cds. The developers determined there were some flaws with the system causing the rate at which attacks were being avoided to be higher than intended.

    Avoidance values were adjusted several times and now we are at a point again where I think I have seen maybe 2 or 3 attacks either dodged or missed in the last few weeks.

    As it stands I have no idea whether avoidance is intended to play a role in PvP or not, but I rarely ever see it anymore.
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    All you need to know is that you ain't gonna dodge squat with 60% dodge chance.
    So block and dodge are very worthless in PvP.
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    the extra armour granted by equipping a shield will give more damage mitigation in pvp than the block will.

    this is something I would dearly like to see improved in pvp, but the wow arena kiddies always throw a tantrum whenever something upsets their cookie cutter glass cannon specs with copypasta macros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snap View Post
    All you need to know is that you ain't gonna dodge squat with 60% dodge chance.
    So block and dodge are very worthless in PvP.
    but but warlord has the highest mig of any spec because it can block right?
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