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Thread: PVP Gear and Ranked WF

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    Default PVP Gear and Ranked WF

    I have seen a ton of people complaining about gear progression in PVP (I tend to agree with a lot of the statements). I have also noticed how ranked 5v5 Black Garden never took off.

    What if you make a couple of ranked matches - the current 5v5 Black Garden and perhaps a 10v10 whitefall or Karhan Ridge? They key here is that you give some decent payouts towards T1 and t2 marks and even a possible chance for drops if you achieve so many wins in one week? That would essentially take away the AFK issue and still provide the opportunity for gear progression while strengthening PVP overall in the game.

    Good idea or no?
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    Ideally it would be awesome.

    However, people we're already trading wins when it first came out.

    Rewards based on a ladder bring in the need for balance and administration keeping the play fair and competitive which Trion has shown to never have resources to give.

    If these issues could be addressed, sure. The constant struggle they're in is keeping PVP easily open to all, while rewarding enough to make people want to do it and as hands off on their end as possible.

    They would love to just normalize everyone, except everything else shown that giving no rewards means no one plays it, like in 5v5s. At the same time they're hoping to just keep kind of putting in progression and hoping the people it deincentivizes just kind of go away, which is why it's important we keep being the annoying loud few no one likes.

    I think really some prestigious fluff items would do it. ultimately we all pvp to beat our chests. What if an awesome skin or mount came from an ELO+ in 5s? Sure people would trade, but at least no one is hurt too much, and it still requires some work to get up there.

    Hell or even just a buff on the top team that applies like... the red orb wins. Once the team ever drops in rank, the buff is gone and passed on. Requires some engineering work to track a leaderboard and apply a buff.. I don't think that exists yet.... so maybe thats out too.

    In the end it's a matter of finding a reward you don't mind getting exploited, that requires the least dev work to make, and impacts gameplay the least since it will be exploited.

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    If it's not 10v10 Blighted Antechamber, it's bound to be fail.

    Complete lack of strategy in every other maps. Zergfest at it's best.

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