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Thread: A different perspective on ELO

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    Default A different perspective on ELO

    Here's the thing about pvp in Rift: there's no "end game".

    Think about this. Consider pve. You do normal dungeons so you can progress to expert dungeons. You do expert dungeons so you can raid. You also do most everything else, like open world rifts, IAs, and even pvp, to progress into raiding.

    And with raiding, there are things you can work towards, that being the downing of raid bosses who are more and more difficult to kill as you progress through the raid. And you can even compete with other guilds in the world to kill a boss first. You're achieving things you could put on a resume, actual achievements you can sink your teeth into. Say there's a highly skilled raider looking to join an elite guild. Why should he join guild x? Because guild x has downed all raid bosses, and they were the second on the planet earth to do so. Sounds like they have it together, yeah?

    Do you see what's happening here? PROGRESSION. ACHIEVEMENT. These things are important, but more importantly, these things are FUN. You have goals you can set, goals you can achieve. You can dream of downing a raid boss and actually work towards and achieve that goal.

    Now. Back to pvp. Where is the progression? What are you working towards? Trion, for whatever reason, chose to make gearing up in pvp a purely RNG event, meaning they aren't concerned with progression. If they were, they would reward effort put into the game with gear rather than relying entirely on an RNG system.

    But let's say you dealt with all that RNG, and now you're the most geared pvper. What now? What can you try to accomplish? What's something you can dream about achieving in pvp and work towards? These goals just do not exist in this game.

    ELO was, in my opinion, an effort to give you something to work for. Finally, Rift has something in pvp that will give pvp some sort of point. You can achieve a high ELO and use that number to prove to the world that you are as good as you say you are.

    Don't you think that's a good thing? And if not, then why do you even pvp? There are no goals here. There's nothing to achieve. There's such a huge stink over ELO, and yet people forget that the pvp in this game is totally pointless and unrewarding. If it didn't award pve currency, the pvp would probably be completely dead.
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    Not going to be able to keep growing your Elo unless you only run in PMs. If you start winning too much it puts you into auto-losers.

    Not sure how any normal person will consider it progression going from 121 Elo to 122 Elo after a win, then back down to 120 Elo after their next loss.

    Elo was just a scrap they tossed out. An already existing number and now they just display it on the screen. Well at least it is keeping you happy, the rest of us are leaving.

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    As one of the few that actually literally had 121 elo at the start, i can say that I'm not quitting just because of the number. Just like op said, i was looking forward to elo for exactly that reason, but in the end i pvp because it's fun. The elo would just be a bonus.
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    Your ELO is the product of your ability to achieve a win with the team you have been given. The teams you are given vary greatly and their quality of play is often outside of your ability to influence. Some matches you will win even if you /sleep at spawn, some matches give you the opportunity to be the deciding factor, and some matches are beyond the ability of even the best players to win. As such, you are only partially responsible for your own ELO, as a great deal of it is based on the luck of random matchmaking.

    If Trion were to make ELO the basis of PvP endgame, they would have to use a highly refined version of their weighed ELO, which would be based solely on the player's individual contribution towards the win.

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    /facepalm to the people who can still relate rift elo to personal skill, on sl char who did 5mans most of time elo is 4,5k, on the char runs solo/duo elo is half of it, same thing on all 4 chars, having double elo on premaded ones, solo ones ranging from 2-3k.

    PS: only solution at this point (if they keep refusing to reset ELO or factor the weighted ELO and make premade queues seperate as before) is making queues totally random.
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