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Thread: Easy Ways to Gain PvE Notoriety

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    Default Easy Ways to Gain PvE Notoriety

    Just sharing a couple of ways to gain notoriety with little effort:

    1) Carnage Quests:

    Place yourself in an area with mobs. Queue for warfronts and while waiting for the pop start killing mobs. You will automatically accept the carnage quest for that type of mob.

    Every time you finish a warfront, queue up for another and start killing mobs again until your new match pops. I usually wait until there is 20 seconds left to join so I can kill an extra mob or two.

    Each Carnage Quests will get you 90 or 200 points of notoriety depending on what zone you are in:
    - Gorboro Reef: Atragarians (90 points)
    - Draimheim: Onir (200 points)
    - Tarkan Glacier: Cerulean Rhenke (90 points)
    - Tyrant's Throne: Cerulean Rhenke (90 points)

    2) Crafting Quests in Margle Palace:

    You can get a daily quest in the Choreburg District for each profession in which you are a Savant. Each quest grants you 250 points of notoriety for the Onir faction, and take a very short time to complete (thirty seconds per quest). For example:

    - daily mining quest: gather 2 Thalasite Crystals and craft 10 Thalasite Bars
    - daily foraging quest: craft 12 pieces of Fused Sarfiber
    - daily butchering quest: craft 12 pieces of Fabled Leather
    - daily quests for Outfitter and other non-gathering quests change on a daily basis.

    If you use your minions regularly, you should have the materials for your mining, foraging, and butchering quests on hand without needing to go out and actively gather it - especially if you have more than one minion adventure slot open.

    With my Patron bonus I get +1488 (372 each for 4 daily crafting quests) notoriety towards the Onir faction on a daily basis for 2 minutes of effort. It will be more once I get more professions to Savant level.

    3) Get Patron status if you want to benefit from the bonus to notoriety gains (roughly 50%).

    If anyone has any other tips to share, feel free to share. My Onir notoriety is moving at a good clip, but every other faction is lagging behind. I could use some help here.

    Edit: I need to make a correction. The quests for the gathering professions change as well. Today I just had to gather 12 Fabled Hide for Butchering and 12 Sarleaf for Foraging. Since my minions already did that for me I didn't need to do more than just accept the quests and then immediately turn them in.
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    Level off of PvP/other non-rep rewarding quests.

    Complete as many rep-rewarding quests/carnages as possible but don't turn in.
    Use Transcendent notoriety vial, turn in all quests/carnarges. Complete more quests/carnages and turn in as many as possible before vial runs out.

    Just saved yourself about a month of dailies.
    Maxxed reps in first 2 weeks of launch. Never grinded dailies for any of them.

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    And the daily at Tyrant's Throne at 65 gives you approx 600 rep (before boosts) for any faction you choose, so that's good ROI.
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