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Thread: Ascended Strategies, Edition 2

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    Lightbulb Ascended Strategies, Edition 2

    Yeah, yeah, a lot of people are going to recognize me and come ready to attack me as a troll, but please wait.

    And although I would call this a Tactica, as many of us know, that word sometimes offends people. Now let's begin.

    Document #G6HN92
    Code: Rogue Strategies Part 1
    Agent: Shedelin
    Written at: 10:11 Eastern time in Central Indiana

    Rogue Strategies: Tactician

    Every time I unleash one of my torrents when a low level noob is nearby, I always get approached by that low level noob and asked the same question for over 6 months now:

    "What is that fire thing?"

    To which I hit the ability key again, and ask "This?"

    And if they say "Yes", I tell them "Infernal Torrent". They then proceed to ask me "How can you get it?" And I tell them "roll a Tactician, which you can purchase along with the rest of the Storm Legion Souls for $20."

    Yep. I get this question nearly every time I log on and play in Silverwood, and boy do I enjoy that conversation. You roll a Tactician, expect that question to be asked to you.

    So, now that's out of the way, what are Tacticians, what are useful abilities for them, and how do you defeat one?

    Rather easy. Tacticians are a support role whose role is to be good at everything...healing (a small but important amount), damage (by a small amount), tanking (by a small amount), and buffs (by a small amount). Their goal is to give that little extra boost a party or raid needs without needing to get a (very hard to find) cleric. They use gadgets and tech to accomplish this.

    Their main abilities are Necrotic Core, Torrents, Empyrean Bolt and Ray, and Curative Engine. Cores are good for dealing area damage and healing allies for a small amount. Torrents are good for taking out opponents health quickly, but be careful with Torrent Overload, which will sap your Energy. Empyrean Bolt and Ray are good single target damage dealers. And Curative Engine is vital for keeping themselves alive. Mastering Tactician requires you to master the different types of Torrents, cores, and Bolts and rays.

    In terms of defeating a Tactician in PvP, there are two options:

    A. Let him run up to you, drop his AoEs, then while he's backing up, attack him.
    B. Hit him with the strength of a Mack truck (preferably from behind) before he even gets a chance to get close to you.

    Against Tacticians, be careful of A. Torrents. The rotation of Glacial, Infernal, Glacial, Infernal, Necrotic, Necrotic is still the living nightmare of PvPers caught without heals. You also need to watch out for B. What type of engine he's using. If he's using Necrotic Engine, be careful of the damage it deals...that could be the extra damage he needs to kill you and send you back to spawn with broken pride.

    Thus concludes today's strategies.

    Comments, questions, concerns, insults?

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    only good tactic against Tactician in PvP, making sure to get the last hit on them for BloodThirsty and Killing Spree
    Quote Originally Posted by Daglar View Post
    This game is not and never will be balanced for 1 vs 1.

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