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Thread: PvP vs PvE item wise

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    Default PvP vs PvE item wise


    I think the game has turned to a bit harsh place for people who enjoy playing pvp. Or Trion wants to get rid of all the pvp players.
    At first the pvp items were removed, i thought for the better, but since the time is passing i found it more and more as major mistake. I'm pretty sure there are tons of threads about it i won't whine about that also, because i'm sure they know they did a mistake with that, because now they are forcing the people who were playing only pvp to do pve in order to get items for pvp. You can't rely only on random Marauder's Chest drops.
    Second you got pve drops or equivalent items in store to be purchased by pve currencies in case the RNG wasn't so good to you, but you don't have option to purchase pvp drops with pvp currencies, where you rely only on luck to get the proper pvp items you want. Am i the only one who find that odd?
    Later when 3.2 patch arrives you will be able to purchase even t1 weapons (for insane price ofc if you are not hardcore raider), and how the pvp players are supposed to stand equal with the raiding machines in PvP? You telling me the pvp isn't skill > gear anymore or what? Bolstering again? Where will be the point of farming gear if the answer is yes?
    Let's stop with the questions right here, because another may appear, and i can see only fail decisions one after another. PvP and its random dropped PvE looking items needs to be overlooked badly. The system was way more adequate with pve and pvp gear and the buff which changing your gear with equivalent according if you switched to PvE or PvP content, because it allows the pvp players to farm their gear in pvp content, and pve only related players to farm their gear in pve content, and both not feeling major drawback when doing the opposite content.

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    Rift is a buffet, not a single avenue of gameplay. It is mandatory that you enjoy the chicken, seafood, rice and asparagus. Went to the buffet with a particular interest of food type in light of many options? Get the hell out of here. All or nothing.

    ps. Yes I am sarcastic.
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