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Thread: Idea for Dreambreaker (The Title)

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    Default Idea for Dreambreaker (The Title)

    I was thinking that since the people who worked hard for that dreambreaker status, something more than a title would be nice. My idea is that they would get a single buff that only applied in pvp.

    What do you guys think?
    Quote Originally Posted by Violacea View Post
    I admit, even I am not genius enough to design a game with PvP, that gets filled with players who hate dislike PvP engaging in it, and ruin the PvP for the people who want to PvP. I mean, let's hand it. That is pretty insane genius. I am thinking of the potential I could have in life if I mastered this. If I could design something and get people who don't even want to do it, flooding my gates doing it on their own will.

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    I would just do a search of the forum and read all the other posts about the same exact thing.

    Trion doesn't really care about making any changes for PvP.

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    Please Trion, reward us more for afking to p100.
    #1 at selecting a target and pressing a button.

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