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Thread: PvP Dimensions!

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    Default PvP Dimensions!

    Hi everybody,

    Following a suggestion from Ocho to be a bit more specific in general threads I decided to create a thread about PvP dimensions.

    A few concerns I personally have about PvP dimensions:

    1) Accessibility - The availability of at least the initial spawn/graveyard dimension items.
    2) Item inventory - Objective markers (Fang of regulos), Power ups, Vessles, Flags.
    3) Getting people into dimension pvp, and making it rewarding but also not exploitable.

    Once a player has made a PvP dimension, how can we automate the process of joining player designed warfronts and ensure consistency of map design (finished maps, with proper objectives etc) and also limit exploitation for rewards?

    I would like to personally see something like a "join random dimension" button, with its own reward ticker for some sort of dimension based currency (to buy some specific dimension items - spawn points/graveyards/objectives/etc) with a community approval checklist before a map can be listed and played.

    So a certain amount of players have to +1 a dimension before it will be listed.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Other than I think no ones gonna believe you because you posted on April Fools Day? Hmmm...I think we need more variety of PvP dimensions.

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    Make a reward something in the cash shop, some token the Dimension owner could buy in bulk, drop a chest to the winning team. Make wardrobe and dyes available on a vendor near the pvp areas in the old cities, buy with Dimension pvp tokens. The other option is to make the tokens something the Dimension owner must earn through adventure or pvp. There can be no free loot, not only because it's easy to exploit but it would put us in competition with Trion and it's dungeon system. I wouldn't expect anything new though, this game is on autopilot. If any heavy duty coding still takes place, it's probably on the dungeon/zone editors.
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