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Thread: Returning player here: Where do I go to spend favour?

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    Default Returning player here: Where do I go to spend favour?

    Hi there, folks,

    I just returned to Rift after a year and a half away. I'm getting back into the swing of things, levelling to 65, and enjoying some pvp on the side.

    I've done a few warfronts, and apparently I have 140K favour sitting around. I was hoping to spend it, either on old or new gear. I can't seem to find any information, though, on WHERE to go. Where are the pvp vendors?


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    There is no more gear to be bought with favor. Favor is now used for buying favor infused accelerators (Rift store -> Equip -> Upgrade Parts *think you need to tick level to 65 to see it*) to upgrade the marauder gear you get by chance from marauder crates (these boxes can be found in your bag automatically once you win a WF at 65).

    Another use for favor is buying pvp consumables such as mercenary recon vial (the pvp vendor for this can be found in Margle Palace(Flargle Plaza), Draumheim or its equivalent in the old capitals that I don't go to).

    Or wardrobes.

    That's it. Unless I missed something terribly important about favors.
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