I am pretty new to this game, here are some of my experiences, thoughts and suggestions concerning the state of pvp in this game.


Whatever Conquest was or was intended to be has turned out to be a complete and massive failure. In my limited experience it is not even a real game mode. I have not had a single game where there was not a huge pre-made on one team (not mine). It is not that the pre-made can not be beat, no one will even try. I have not won a single CQ match - EVER - ! I am 0 - 13 (not a huge sample size) and I have only been apart of ONE game where my entire team did not leave party before the match even started. 1 game out of 13 my team actually left the spawn and this happened;

ONE game out of 13 I got a team that actually tried (a little). We went to a castle and wiped the other team. We did not lose a single player. Someone in our raid said that the team we wiped all left. Someone else in my raid said "finally I may get a win". Someone else in my raid said "fck, its Hello Kitty".

MY WHOLE TEAM LEFT without even seeing the premade, me and 2 other noobs stayed (afk on a hill) for the stones. I am not saying pre mades are the problem, the rest of the player base seems to be saying it with there unwillingness to participate when one is present. I will begin to q for CQ again when it receives attention from the developers. Currently this just a place for large guilds to go to collect free resources and not a game mode at all.

My suggestion: None

-War Fronts & End Game PVP-

War Fronts are perceived as casual because in most other games they are a casual experience and not to be taken serious. In Rift there is no such thing as PVP progression outside of gear and the BIS PVP gear is gated by Raid bosses located in a game mode not PVP.

Rift devs should not waste a large amount of resources trying to undo what years of online gaming have taught the vast majority of online gamers and for those of you who do not know,

Unrated PVP content = Casual or not to be taken seriously.

Rated PVP content = Serious = Try hard mode engaged.

The problem in this game is that there is not any end game pvp content outside of these casual war fronts. Serious pvpers view war fronts as a serious game mode (because it is all we have) while casuals view this same mode as 15 mins of fun unless the other team is winning or a pre made (then they afk). Then you have the pve leaches who are only present for the rewards and could care less. The current war front system is under serving everyone involved.

My Suggestions: Add ranked game modes.

Rated War Fronts (10m) with a leader board and unique rewards only obtainable in this game mode. A Title and Mount earned somewhere around top 30% of player base (scrubs like me, with a fair amount of effort can obtain this). Awesome Title and Mount earned somewhere around top 5% of player base (most likely 1 or 2 teams only) in this game mode (Extremely difficult to obtain and therefore denotes "look at me I am a badass").

-Arena- 2s, 3s and 5s with unique rewards to this game mode.


The most accurate display of team and individual skill in pvp thus far in online gaming and a mode that could be very beneficial to this game. Obviously a ton of attention would need to be paid to class balance, but this game already sorely needs a pvp only developer.

My Ideas on how this COULD be implemented;

Create a pvp soul version of every free soul in this game. These PVP souls should be massively stronger in pvp combat and much weaker in pve combat (not so weak that one can not quest, just weak enough that you need to make a choice between ez questing / farming or being safer / more imposing to your adversary) Strengthen and Weaken talents within these souls as needed for arena pvp balance. PVP souls would only be usable on "seastone" and in instanced pvp such as arena, rated war fronts and war fronts.

Make these same changes with the souls that cost money and then Over charge for the non free souls to finance the sudden support for pvp and the new pvp dev. I would gladly pay.


The last hope of world pvp and by extension pvp in rift. Seastone has a really small population of players and from what I can tell most of us are new. Honestly this server should not even exist in its current state, new players such as myself immediately question how much longer this game can persist when there is so few of us ever online. There is zero reason to play on seastone, if you get in the mood for wpvp just shard hop over to ss and kill some of those noobs with poor gear in small guilds on a underpopulated server with a terrible economy while using your raid gear and in skype with your bros.

This server is empty and in need of serious attention.

My suggestions;

Disable shard hopping to and from Seastone, you play on a pvp server or you dont. To make up for this change and pvp servers inherently being a more difficult place to play from I would suggest the following.

5% increase to all forms of currency and reputation gained for players on Seastone as a permanent server wide buff.
5% more xp and planar xp gained at all times, permanent server wide buff.
5% decrease in cost of all items available for purchase from in game vendors and the rift store.

At the server selection screen these facts would be noted and clearly marked so that it is very noticeable and players can decide if the perks pay for the trouble of non stop pvp and the inability to shard hop.


Massive fundamental problems exist in pvp. ITT mediocre, hastily thought out suggestions presented. Complete waste of time to type, read or respond to because if rift devs cared as much about pvp as a select few of its customers these issues would not need a thread.