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Thread: 61 Bard is viable in PvP for new players and vets

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    Default 61 Bard is viable in PvP for new players and vets

    Short story to start:

    When I first started playing rift. I made a puri cleric. I entered a WF, our team won.

    I got a tell from a fellow player telling me to l2 heal better.

    I was perplexed because for the most part I kept the entire team alive. I looked at the heals done and I realized he said this because my heals weren't at the top of the of the boards. He didn't realize that I was prioritizing absorbs over direct heals. He didn't see the support I contributed to win that match.

    Fast forward to last night. Massive Whitefall game. I preview the players before-hand I notice that on my team we have a plenty of good dps, few heals and ZERO support. I switch over to 61 bard. Why?

    I notice the enemy team has support mages (possibly dom) and a few good healers.

    My thinking is I want to add dps to the team to help press the attack and annoy these pesky doms (which would have just energy drained my starved Ranger anyway).

    Immediately once we hit mid I pop Orchestra, Verse and Virtue. I resistance/phy debuff the entire clumped up enemy and Jeopardy the nearest healer/support for our melee's convenience. Then I use finish up the Virtue with aoe heals.

    The dom(s) finally poke their nasty heads and start with the debuffs. I quickly pop verse of joy to negate any mana/energy drain plus is keep purity on cooldown. Rinse and repeat. While saving joy for the doms.

    A fiercely even battle at the start quickly devolved into a steamroll win for our side.

    Did I top heals? No, with osculations it was respectable but no where near top.
    Did I top dps? Hell no.

    Did I contribute to the win. Hell yes. I could literally see the pressure adjust when applied my cool downs.

    Few things to note:
    • I believe its only a 10+ player effective soul.
    • I did look to see if dps and heals where covered first upon entering a (pug) wf.
    • I didn't just blow my CD like Verse of joy. Gotta time it for the mana/energy drains.
    • I did keep my purity it up (freaken op) seriously its great for the soul.
    • I still think 61 bard could use a bit of tuning in the overall heal or dps department.

    Overall this a great class to play in WF or CQ if you learn it properly. For new players or low gear players trying using a support. You won't be topping the boards anyway but at least you can better your chance for a win.

    For newer/less geared people I can't stress enough. Its better to be a team player at first until you can get the gear to be a "score board hero".

    For vets try something new instead of the fotm souls.

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    a support soul supported a team, bards always been viable in larger battles.
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