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Thread: Anyone have a list of Bolstered Gear?

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    Default Anyone have a list of Bolstered Gear?

    Daglar says it's a straight swap so that means there should be a set list of stats for each slot.

    Anyone have a list of which stats where for which class? I heard clerics have a ton of CP.
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    I don't have a list, but I am fairly certain an empty slot is NOT bolstered.

    So the best way to find out is to equip an item that you know is bolstered and record the relevant stats on your character sheet, then remove that item from the slot leaving the slot empty. Record the stats with the empty slot and the difference should give you the stats of the bolstered "item".

    Be careful to consider the impact of str/dex/int/wis on ap/sp/crit rate when making the calculations.
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