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Thread: How to make rifts PvP amazing

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    Default How to make rifts PvP amazing

    One word: Tools

    Here is the thing, I have given up hope on any semblance of balance for doing PvP in WF's, CQ's or Open world but there is a small place where I think PvP can thrive and bring in Hordes of PvP players and that place is called PvP Dimensions.

    With the upcoming change to dimensions allowing a player to just be a camera I got a vision of a streamer (such as myself) hosting a pvp tournament using 3-4 accounts as camera's being able to capture all the action. This camera change can make watching PvP matches fun and engaging.

    Then I just as my vision was getting good I got thrust back in to reality and realized that this will never happen so long as gear plays a role in pvp dimensions. When was the last time we had a PvP tournament? Have we even had one since the last expansion? I've heard some people on the forums state that they don't really want to participate because the winners will be those who have grinded out the raids and have the best gear.

    So, what is my solution? Easy, the solution is more tools for players to make these events fair. Allow players to bolster up or down anyone wanting to participate, give us the tools to make whatever gear slots we want to count or not count. Put some of these tools behind paywalls to pay for their creation.

    The future of MMO's IMHO is in user created content not dev created content. Look at the majority of MMO's coming out this year and beyond. The great majority of them boast giving players the tools to create content.

    If you create robust tools that allow players to create a more fair PvP environment for them to play in you create an easy way for the community of PvP'ers to finally be able to engage in meaningful fights.

    Finally, most of the tools I am talking about don't have to just be used for PvP purposes these are tools that I'm sure a lot of players in the PvE communities would welcome as well.

    TLDR: give us the tools, we'll give you the PvP!

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    Definitely an idea I can get behind. I probably would not get involved in any structured tournaments due to time constraints, but I would enjoy exploring any PvP content created by players.
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