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Thread: PVP as Melee

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    Default PVP as Melee

    Melee is in such a bad position at the moment, I have all 4 classes, all playing melee souls/hybrids. It just seems that melee has really no role in this game, pvp and pve wise - there are no advantages of playing melee, the reality is that, melee has more of a disadvantage if anything. Will developers address this issue? I can offer constructive feedback with numbers showing the inability of melee in this game.

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    The blue bars from range have taken over. One reason why I'm playing my cleric again.it took only one map to learn how to play the 3.0 inquisitor before I started blowing people up.

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    Default Kraken Nuts

    Melee pvp 60+ is horrid tbh. But I enjoyed it up until then.

    Warrior PvP 50-59

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