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Thread: 75% of WFs u join are halfwa done on losing team coz of quitters

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    The matchmaking system is flawed all by itself. I have started games with less players on my team. Only to fill in much later on or not at all. I could be winning a game 5 vs 5 only to have the other team get 5 queue ins to our 2 queue ins and the game becomes a waste of time/joke.

    Quitting isn't ruining the game.. It is a way to circumvent a very flawed matchmaking system.
    And nothing will stop the players from just going stealth, hiding in a corner or going afk..which is absolutely worse than quitting..and would pretty much ruin the situation even more.

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    Think i was 4/33 in wf's yesterday and the amount of people just bailing was ridiculous.

    Also shows that the current win/loss that they said would be in consideration during the match making was an all out lie.
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    Not much they can do about it. People aren't quitting and waiting they are quitting and doing the other things that reward marks. So even making a 30 min debuf wouldn't do anything except for the few people who wait until last minute for weekly

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    Until they fix healing and premades, expect more of the same.

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    TRION's balancing system for matchmaking is seriously flawed. No doubt!

    And I still get over the new gear progression plan. These marauder crates or whatever they are called that seem to rely on RNG. I had like 10 wins yesterday and got nothing but plat, an average of 1.5 each.

    How's that for advancement! I feel like I must be on the "special" RNG list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronos v View Post
    you seem to be ignorant of an important feature of the disgrace debuff. it does not tick down while you are logged out.
    so player (and its mostly PvEers doing the quitting/AFKing) effected by the disgrace cant just log out and play another game while the debuff ticks down.
    he can log out, but when he returns the debuff will still be there, still at the same point it was when he logged out.

    in my opinion, 10 minutes is too short for the debuff. an hour minimum should be the starting point.
    nor should the disgrace be limited to warfronts. with the variety of daily/weekly tasks available in Rift, its no problem to quit a warfront and go farm an expert or zone event.
    I'd like to see the debuff not only stop quitters from re-queuing warfronts, but experts and IAs too (or any other instanced content) (the debuff also needs to be fixed so quitters cant bypass it by partying with another player and having them do the queuing) (IAs are also in need of a vote kick or afk marking option, as this is another instance of AFKers leaching off the efforts of others) (AFK marking in warfronts also need to be made more effective. the current system doesn't work at best, and at its worst it is a "cure" that is even worse than the disease it is meant to treat).
    I'd go even further to add that disgraced players earn no currency while the debuff is active. no void stones/abyssal marks/ect ect.

    quitters ruin the game not just for the players they leave behind, but also for the player that is then thrown into a losing match to replace them. they are, to put it bluntly, selfish scum. they should not be treated lightly in a social game.
    LMAO! Nope, I don't think ANYONE whose done Rift PVP for more than a month is unaware of the fact that disgrace doesn't tick down when you're logged off. I mean that's pretty obvious the first time you try it. Right? People will just AFK until the disgrace passes or play something else until they feel like being bored half to death for 3 hours.

    But once again, my opinion stays the same, make the WFs more enjoyable and people will stay. I have no desire to punish my fellow players for not enjoying something that's supposed to be entertainment. That's on the DEVs.

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    Favor is more or less pointless now, right? Get rid of it and make marks the PvP reward.

    They've already melded PvE and PvP progression so why not? Gives an incentive to participate rather than just /afk and wait for a win for weeklies.

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    Default +1

    Quote Originally Posted by Colga View Post
    Favor is more or less pointless now, right? Get rid of it and make marks the PvP reward.

    They've already melded PvE and PvP progression so why not? Gives an incentive to participate rather than just /afk and wait for a win for weeklies.
    Also fixing the absurd upgrade costs and drop rates on PVP gear wouldn't hurt.
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    Zerosum is right on the money. Exactly there's a lot you can do in 15 minutes in the way of productivity. Tag them sparkly zone bosses, do some dailies, hell you can squeeze in that chronicle in 15 minutes, or IAS is even better than sitting in an antechamber match or heal borefest.

    As I keep saying, make that healing penalty in pvp -85% or -90% problem solved, and you can still chain heal if you have 3+ healers anyway.

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    Default General MMO PvP Mindset :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Meliannia View Post
    Hail all, merry Christmas
    huge problem i've noticed in random wfs last 2 weeks, u can play wfs 6 hrs say 4am til 10am, 4pm il 10m, doesn't matter, out of say 30 wfs u only get 6 or 7 which are a fair wf from the START the other 24 are u r thrown in at 100pts vs 600pts, and 0 heal vs 8 mill heal, 2 hks vs 87 hk, no bases taken vs full bases taken, coz of ppl BAILING,
    I even try join with friends or guild mates, thinking it wud be harder for Trion to throw us all into a losing wf, but no, has no effect, exact same, all of us thrown into wfs on losing team halfway thru, coz of SO MANY ppl BAILINg coz there is NO DETERRENT. Plz make Bailing on wfs a 3 HOUR Ascended Disgrace Buff then they'd stiuck around.

    I appreciate the fact that the match making system is absolutely disgracefully laudable and that you have Preset teams farming Pugs non stop, and also for some reason even PuG vs Pug Trion will put 5 Healers on 1 team, and Zero on other team 90% of time, so this makes ppl bail, i don't mind a losing wf halfway thru now and again maybe 1 per 1hour but...but it's no fun when in 6 hrs u have 25/.30 wfs every day u come in and its already a loss match decided.

    end of rant. spin on
    I recently tried getting back into this game and noticed this. I'm in my 20s for levels and its just disheartening that it happens in all brackets.

    So many people don't want to actually play these games unless they have a 100% win chance. So many want every game to finish as fast as possible rather than fight each other for the win. I run into countless people don't play games for objectives, kills and PvP dominance. Just end of game rewards and that's it.

    I've had to play my arse off for a ton of games that end like this...


    Normally in MMOs with instanced PvP, games like this feel gratifying. But it only made me frustrated as my team was getting farmed most of the game resulting in not trying, quitting and wanting ME to stop trying so they can move onto the next game. Gotta get EXP/per hour yo.

    Idk, atm I can't bring myself to do warfronts much longer in this game because of toxic "instant gratification" gamers. It's a shame it only gets worse and seems to exist in a lot of games.

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