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Thread: Universial Gifts in pvp

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    Default Universial Gifts in pvp

    What if we changed gifts in pvp to universal stats that fit the roles better and opened up new possibilities of meta builds?

    • Warrior: +0.5% Hit Point total per point spent in any tree
    • Mage: +0.5% Crit Power per point spent in any tree
    • Rogue: +0.5% Dodge per point spent in any tree
    • Cleric: +0.5% Crit Chance per point spent in any tree
    • +3% pet damage per point spent in pet summoning trees.
    Beastmaster would finally live long enough to see his/her DoTs work. Move over Michael Jackson, Mage will be the new king of pop. Rogues are as slippery as a bar of public shower room soap, and Clerics rockin that divine intervention of rolling a perfect twenty. Plus, pet classes don't get left in the dust either. I propose that this template of simple gifts replace the current ones Rift uses just in pvp and experiment with how the community reacts/adapts to the situation for amusement/data collection. You can leave everything else as is
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    Mages would probably rock harder than the others with those things through.

    Which is kind of how it should have been. Mages are suppose to be beyond dispute the best class in the game with power shadowing even the most powerful abilities from another class. Said the Eq2 mage.
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