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Thread: Conquest has ruined WFs again!

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    Default Conquest has ruined WFs again!

    The unbalanced wins in warfronts started again when CQ restarted. I don't know if its because pvp'ers are playing CQ, so the remaining WF players are the noobs. Or maybe CQ is counted as PvP and throwing the program stats off.

    To me, CQ is ZvZ and the game makes no sense. I'm not alone in my feelings as most CQ players wander around without a clue.

    Kill CQ again. It's a worthless game.

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    I don't notice a difference in warfronts while CQ is active.

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    Been stated way back in early SL. There is a problem when queue pools are low where premades can just farm the existing players over and over again because those are the only players left to match with. It happens during off hours, during cq, and pretty much most of the day now.

    The solution is to remove the premades from the pool until it is matched 1 to 1 during low population. However, this isn't totally effective since there are some people who have alt accounts and can still get the premade to pop instantly by queueing with 3 alts on a team.

    Multiboxers can do this so it is still easy to abuse the system during low pop.

    There really isn't an effective solution to deal with premades vs. pugs and I believe that there will never be a warfront system which takes into account premade vs pug outcomes and tries to normalize the it.

    Best solution I have heard so far was to make 3 way and 4 way warfronts of 5 to 10 mans. It would be too chaotic to manipulate the outcome of each match.
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    I'm guessing that the most successful MMOs 10 years from now won't allow group vs pug joins at all. It will be group vs group and pug vs pug. There's a lot of arguments on both sides of the fence that sound really good. Enough to make it appear like a fair match even. But when the free market has finished its analysis, I'd wager there will be no contest. The mathematical, philosophical, and psychological traits all suggest that allowing premades to mix with pugs is poisonous to any MMO's pvp survival imho.

    This goes really deep, esp on the psychology part. I'd have to write a full dissertation to really explain it, so I'll refrain.
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    Warfronts have always been impacted by CQ. Lower population of active pvpers queueing for Warfronts leads to matches where one good soloist or even a duo pm can raise hell in a 5v5.
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    The premades had a field day yesterday that's for sure.
    There was the same 5 people (1 dom and 4 healers) playing for like the whole night.
    Great to be on their team although boring, sucks to be against them very boring. Healing definitely needs to go back to -85% as it was when 3.0 first came out.

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    spoken like a true PVEer
    What is Burst? <Coriolis>

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    PSTTT I love conquest and some of the other WF. If you are not getting enough PVP...maybe? transfer to a PVP server. I am sure they would welcome a new person to kill over and over and over
    Have you ever wanted to?

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