CQ's back and I'm Loving the old War games along with occasional Ganking when feeling the urge to. I respect it's return, was a long time coming, but I'm fixed on wanting "PvP Dailies" to return as well. I miss going out to do quests then picking up the quest item only to Flag for PvP and are ready for combat. Was an extra owpvp activity you knew was going to attract pvp'ers from across the lands, more over, it started things(sparking up) between players on other shards and what have you.

I'm Loving 3.0, have much to do and attain, working on obtaining the proper relics in the process atm, it's an adventure within itself. But hopefully PvP Dailies return, it's only right. Loved owpvp in 2.8, and what it brought to the game(MMO). I'll never forget throwing together 6-20 Guardians to storm a certain part of Land or faction castle, it really meant something to us who are passionate about PvP in a general sense.

All in all, you cant help but to miss it.. I know there's something in the works, Just awaiting it's arrival.

~ Esca