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Thread: FAY YULE PVP Acheivements

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    Default FAY YULE PVP Acheivements

    Can somebody explain how to get the Santa Claws achievement?

    It's been sitting undone now for several years, and I want them all finished before the end of the event.

    Opposing Santa Claws, I've killed many of the werewolves yet don't get an update to the one asking for a Claws to be killed.

    And of course without that one being updated, I can't become Claws and kill 5 people either.

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    you have to be the one who lands the killing blow.

    you'll know when it happens, because the one who kills the werewolf becomes the new werewolf.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    Or to put it more simply, it doesn't matter if you're topping the charts if you're killing the wrong people.

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    I got this achievemenet as well as the cake one after about 50 or so fae yule whitefall games with my tempest. The first Santa Claws is determined by whoever gets first blood. After that, the person who kills Santa becomes the next Claws. Then you just gotta get 5 killing blows and don't DIE and you'll finish it. Took my awhile because I'm not even fully NTE geared yet lol.

    As for the cake one, I don't know how I got it but it just gave me achieve randomly meh. Maybe someone else can share some light on that one.

    Have a merry fae yule all!!!!!

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