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Thread: Ghar Station Eyn: Observations so far.

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    Default Ghar Station Eyn: Observations so far.

    I've been trying to figure out how the Ghar Station Eyn point system works. About a month has past since I originally posted the question so I wanted to refresh the topic and see if anybody has figured anything out yet. I also wanted to share some of my observations. My hope is that this information will aid others also trying to answer the same question and possibly speed up progress. If you have any additional information on how this map works, please post it.

    Let me also add that I'm not trying to figure out "How to win Ghar Station" or "what's the best strategy for winning Ghar Station so far". I already know the answer to those questions. I'm also not looking for opinions on whether the Ghar Station map is good or not. Please refrain from whining in this thread.

    The question is: "How does the system for gathering points in Ghar Station Eyn work?". Here's what I've got so far. Please note these are observations and not necessarily definite claims for how things work. If you have any SOLID information to the contrary, please post. Also note that I have not aquired any kind of "membership" to the Manugo League, in case that makes a difference.

    1) To score points, a player may grab "eggs" and hold on to them as long as they can before it kills them or they may kill other players. Note: In terms of ONLY your team's score, killing other players is worth very little compared to carrying eggs but it does add to the score. The first team to 1500 points wins.

    2) There are 12 eggs on the map in total. There are 4 in the big tower in the center of the map, 3 in the ponds on either team's side, and 2 in the central pond sitting directly in front of the center tower. These positions are static and do not change.

    3) One egg position on either side will give its team 3 points per tick. All other eggs will provide 1 point per tick. I have not conclusively tested yet whether the positions are color coded, meaning if a member of blue team holds red team's 3 point egg, will it then only provide 1 point? It seems like this might be the case though.

    4) The position of the 3 point egg varies and appears to be random? But I'm guessing it's probably linked to the Manugo Stations.

    5) So far, the position of the 3 point egg has not changed mid-map. Once it's location is set it appears to be static for the duration of that match.

    6) Clicking a Manugo Station does not directly yield more points, it simply changes the Manugo number which is visibly displayed to all characters who are standing near the center pond. What this does is the mystery and likely completes the answer to the question at hand.

    7) In addition to not providing any direct points, clicking on Manugo stations also does not appear to change the state of there being 1 egg for each side (2 eggs total) that will provide 3 points per tick while all others provide only 1 per tick.

    8) If there is a way to use Manugo Stations to increase the rate at which a team gains points, it seems that spamming a single Manugo Station over and over again is not it.

    9) If 2 or more ticks come from 2 or more eggs at the same time, then the sum of the numbers will appear as 1 tick. The tolerance at which this occurs is very short though. So if the ticks come even a 1/4 of a second apart, then the numbers will be shown as separate ticks. This explains ticks that occur for any values other than "1" or "3" and is likely a contributing cause for the widespread mis-perception that clicking Manugo Stations directly yields more points.

    10) Player Kills are worth 1 point and can also be included in the summation of egg ticks, further adding to the array and frequency of tick values other than "1" and "3" appearing on the scoreboard.

    11) Like other deadly items in pvp. Eggs remove a players health on the basis of % of total hit points. So in other words, the more hitpoints you have, the more hitpoints will be removed from each tick. For Eggs (Ghar Station Eyn), the initial tick will remove 10% of your total hitpoints. Each subsequent tick will remove an additional 5%. Therefore the maximum # of ticks for which a player can survive is 19.

    12) Egg ticks occur every 3 seconds. Given that the total score required is 1500 points, the following math may prove useful in preventing the map from reaching the timer. These are excluding the very few points that will come from kills. These are also meant to indicate the average # of eggs that your team is holding, otherwise the fact that the eggs kill you causing you to incur respawn and travel time would invalidate these calculations. Also, while the calculations are figured in terms of 1 point eggs, please keep in mind that the 3 point egg is worth 3 normal eggs. So carrying 1 normal egg + the 3 point egg is identical to carrying 4 normal eggs, despite the fact that it only requires 2 players to do so.
    A single 1 point egg will require 75 minutes to complete the match (timer)
    Two 1 point eggs will require 37.5 minutes to complete the match (timer)
    Three 1 point eggs will require 25 minutes to complete the match (timer)
    Four 1 point eggs will require 18.75 minutes. A long match, but the minimum to avoid the timer.
    Five 1 point eggs will require 15 minutes.
    Six 1 point eggs will require 12.5 minutes. Now on par with the faster maps.
    Seven 1 point eggs will require 10.7 minutes.
    Eight 1 point eggs will require 9.3 minutes.
    Nine 1 point eggs will require 8.3 minutes.
    Ten 1 point eggs will require 7.5 minutes.
    Eleven 1 point eggs will require 6.8 minutes.
    Eleven 1 point eggs + the 3 point egg requires 5.4 minutes. The fastest theoretical win time.
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