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Thread: Last Pages Of Rift PvPers Diary !

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    Default Last Pages Of Rift PvPers Diary !

    Day #1
    Its Nightmare Tide patch day *wohooo* i spent 4 hours leveling and exploring , taking it slowly .
    i made it to level 65 even before i reach Tarken Glacier, i checked store to find out that pvp tab is gone and
    i have to go dungons to get those good gear
    first thing after logged i queued for random pvp to see how things going , i noticed that all my gear has been bolstered and when attacked by some Cleric Inq he 3 shot me dead , what hapened here ?! where are my op Physican heals ?!!
    new day in rift and new pvp adventures but i see people geared with nice weapons , simply asked one of them .. where did you get that dagger from ? took him 4 min to say "its from Gyel Fortress last boss"`... ah its expert dungon where i wont be able to join !
    Wierdly our pvp guild started to lose online members .. now its only 7 people online and 3 of them are afk , when used to be 15+ people online before , i asked and freind told me most of them quite the game
    Today marked the gone of my very last member of our 5 man premade , its was sad moments he saying his goodbyes before he logged off and ... gone !
    Its so quite in this guild and no one joining me in wf , tried solo queue many times but i barely get pop and when i get one it end up a lost , i really should join new guild and seek new freinds
    I joined this new guild and they gave me rank "new fish" i wonder why .... they trolled me with usual trolls
    like "whalecum" "you can pay me the 1k plat" boy or girl" etc but mostly i was excited and ready to make freinds.
    i logged to see all guild members are in place called "shores of terror" when i said "anyone for some peeveepee?" (trying to make fun start) but no one replied !! i thought they are busy in some new raid content or someting , when of them said"we are doing instanced nightmare rifts" before i jumped happy saying "inv plzzz i need dem achivments" when 3 people instantly replied "its for raiders only" !!
    i logged today with no clue why !!
    my rank changed to "talking fish" as a mark of non raider member , i still queue solo to lose and get ganked by overgeared pvers
    I lost every hope of pvp in this game , WFs barely get full and i need to pve to get more marks and gear fast , pvers always see me as low rank rift player aka "noob" just because i dont raid , what should i do ?! is this the end ?!!!
    After many thought and tries , i decided to leave this game , i dont enjoy it as before and my freinds gone
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    Good for you!

    Feels liberating doesn't it?

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    Dont quit. Cancel Patron and play free.

    Then move to Hailol and join my PvP guild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinsalot View Post
    Dont quit. Cancel Patron and play free.

    Then move to Hailol and join my PvP guild.
    MMO's had their high point, they are taking a nose dive in the entire genre if you ask me. They just have such a following who refuses to play other games. I've tapped into my other two favorite genres...consoles (mainly fighters) and FPS. While I admit FPS went to crap after 2006+ and consoles felt like an epic flop since Xbox and Ps2...they are making a comeback in quality imo. And it gives that old feeling again because money is hardly a factor to the gameplay. Every-single-day in so many MMO's you can't pop open a vendor screen without a GUI saying OMG BUY ME BUY ME!!!!!

    It's just gotten annoying. And way more than Rift is doing it. Eq2 did the same thing lol, you couldn't even login without the store auto-matically popping up. Threads would get deleted on the official forums because people figured out what files to remove/alter to make it not pop up. Just lol @ deleting threads that show people how to not have your cash shop CONSTANTLY IN THEIR FACE.

    But I bet you could talk about ad-block software in the off-topic forum of any given of these forums...because hey, those don't hurt them really.
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    New round up of some high rank matches
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    And so begins the solemn process of closing this thread because its a goodbye/quitting thread...#NeedMorePlayers

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    Quote Originally Posted by shedelin View Post
    and so begins the solemn process of closing this thread because its a goodbye/quitting thread...#needmoreplayers
    u need black mexican jezuz!!!!!!!!!!

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    This game has sadly gone to crap. They might as well just remove PvP from the game all together and just end the misery for PvP players.

    Trion doesn't care, unless it's a way for them to grossly overcharge for something it doesn't matter to them.

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    Default 2010

    The PVP guild I was in turned into a ghosttown and no one seems to be playing anymore that PVPs. Many of my guildys and friends have left because of what has happened to the PVP player base and there does not seem to be any plans or will to change things to make PVPers be on an equal footing as raiders. All pvpers wanted was progression and a way to earn gear equally doing PVP, but I guess thats just too hard and we are to be written off like we do not matter. I think we are at the point where these changes have driven so many pvpers away that they may never return because they are investing their time and money in other games now. Such a shame because many pvpers loved this game and spent money here only to be written off in the name of " gear unification"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shedelin View Post
    And so begins the solemn process of closing this thread because its a goodbye/quitting thread...#NeedMorePlayers
    Um they would have to care to read the PVP forums to see it!
    Homiejackson@Seastone 65 Sin

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