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Thread: For New/Angry Players

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    Default For New/Angry Players

    I played a lot of MMO pvp. And Rift is at the top of the food chain when it comes to one thing.

    Choice and consequence in character customization. I've spent many a long night, at the trainer spending my platinum. I've discovered and happily enjoyed some specs that were later nerfed (fixed?). You are the mad scientist of your own playstyle.

    But on top of that, Rift holds its own in another MMO angle. Player skill and twitch reflex. Rift may not be the standard, probably because it is so unforgiving during teamplay which I think is by design. But for solo adrenaline junkies like myself, it does the trick.

    Next time you see your PUG warfront fall apart, don't get so angry. Remember what Rift PVP is, and what it tries to be. And learn to accept that someone out there is better than you at something.



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    I actually started PvP because I wanted a costume piece >.>

    Jumping into the ocean with no swimming experience and a pair of water wings was frustrating at first. Hell, I'm not even going to pretend I've memorized all the call locations in Stilmoor (though I think I get points for bringing up the map to locate it while following the zerg). Warfronts were even more confusing, as I had no idea what was going on, and chat was exploding with colorful commentary. All I knew was I died a lot, and I didn't have the equipment or experience to really enjoy it. But, I learned.

    Once I recognized that my anger and frustration were my fault, I was able to take steps to make it a better experience. Sometimes, I think, it's healthy to remember that we were all new at this once, and instead of adding to the negativity, a brief, tactful response instead of wasting time with frustrated nonsense can do wonders for improving a new player's experience, and deflating some swollen egos.
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