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    Quote Originally Posted by SpellwarriorX View Post
    I know it this bug should be fixed, though I just wish melee was instead promoted and changes were done to do so across the board, to make it more friendly to all classes. I do not find playing a ranged class to require as much skill as a melee class and that they should just be primarily of support nature. Instead range is really getting full-blown recently. I'm not sure you'd find shooting people from 35m fun. Everything is too easy: So easy to los, using people in your team as meat shields and add in good positioning and movement is overkill for ranged and the like. I'm not saying souls such as warlord is acceptable at the moment (such as the snare and pulls), though the soul is certainly needed because these changes are not simply happening.
    You realise that what is happening in this thread mostly affects a ranged soul, right?

    You only think playing from range is easy because your only ranged soul is Tempest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dday View Post
    except ranger pyro and shaman oracle all of which are nasty
    I play ranger and I can tell you it's fluff compared to the melee but they god they fixed pyro and gave us oracle else that post wouldn't be possible.


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