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Thread: Lets improve... Conquest

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    My only suggestion is to replace the Steppes mechanics with Extractors, etc just like Stillmoor. I am getting very little points in the Steppes version.

    If I had to choose from the 2 I would only run Stillmoor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wylwrk View Post
    CQ isn't going to change anytime soon. Not until next xpac at the very least.

    With anything, if you're truly displeased and want to incite action sooner...

    1. Stop queuing for it
    1) I am required to run CQ for PvE raiding. I wouldn't run it if I did not have to.
    2) If they used those metrics, SBP, Tower of the Shattered and the Faerie Realm Dungeons would be taken out of rotation. Unless I'm in a guild group I will not run any of them.
    3) Daglar does not care. You ask for bread he will give you cheese.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morwath View Post
    This thread isn't about whining how CQ is bad, if you want whine *points at the x in corner of your web browser*. If you got idea how to make CQ better, share it with us!

    Some ideas:

    -> Remove random rewards in CQ chest and replace them with certain amount of Depled Infinity Shards and Warlord's Marks. Do I have explain why?
    -> Change favor and prestige gains for kills based on amount of allies around player, the more of them - the lesser rewards, the less of them - the higher rewards. Such change should promote playing in smaller groups to acomplish certain tasks.

    -> Remove kill count. Set timer of each CQ to 50 mins and if a team acomplish objectives (65% in Stilmoor or 5000 Infinity Stepez) drop timer to 5 mins, after timer goes to 0, give players 10 minutes to battle for additional rewards (chest). This way CQ won't last more than 1 hour, so people who doesn't have much time won't be penalized.
    -> Reduce AoE dmg in CQ by 30%. Such change should promote other playstyles than just stacking AoE and brainless spamming in Zerg Trains...

    Yea lets Improve Conquest ... lets see what options we have :
    1- Remove it entirely from the game
    2- Delete it from the all live servers
    3- Keep it in game but Disable it forever and forget about it

    I personaly vote for the first option because of the word "entirely" !!
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    I Like conquest, and so does many others, but I'm in total agreeance with how some players feel about the chest Loot.

    150 slayers marks = Terrible (especially for a full blown pvper)

    100 freelancer/warlord marks = fmL

    500 Inf. Stone = mhm (but still, C'mon son)

    Then, the RIC = Glory.... But some never receive it... Like a 2/3% chance if I'm not mistaken...

    They should definitely up the prize support. Something of BIS gear, Dep. Inf. Shards, artifacts Like bounty status etc.

    Not trying to ask for the world like some players do, but sheesh, a little slack here though..
    Whenever i get "slayers marks" after an hour or more of conquest I don't feel victorious, I feel shoved and neglected. I'd love more of a chance to receive a *MARVELOUS* item(s), add some variety, if the Drop rate is low, fine i respect that, but if there is more added Marv. items, I think Trion would have more satisfied players.

    Note: Give CQ something(s) that's worth working toward, its over an hour long.. I think we all deserve it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JudeFromKale View Post
    No. Remove conquest from game to improve game.
    Some one got an infraction for saying that in the forum only I think they used the work "delete" instead of remove in regard to Steppes CQ ... be careful Jude.

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    I'm going to go against the grain a little here, I feel what many people are saying about remove it completely and once upon a time I'd agree (some days I still do).

    Here's my few ideas / gripes.

    There needs to be a tutorial version of both CQ maps teaching players how to use the various mechanics. Stillmoor is not so bad but first time I was in Steps was very much what the heck do I do?

    There needs to be a change to encouraging players to upgrade turrets in Stillmoor, perhaps some favor or something.

    With respect to Steps of infinity, how about a third Fort to mix things up a bit?

    Here is my main gripe with CQ in general though, it's the rewards / shop items. I'm after Warlord essences atmo, why do I need IS stones to buy PvP gear... it's forcing me to do something I've not really got time or want to do. 4000 or so IS takes quite some time to get and far as I'm concerned is a PvE currency.

    Then there's the rewards, PvP currency from chests is fine. But that silly chest which takes 10 days to open to then get a PvE reward (often blue) hurts my brain to think about.

    And on a similar topic the chests from PvP WF dailies giving PvE gear is just a plain annoying. Get rid or give me something PvP related.

    I don't often have the time to PvE properly any-more hence I'm now nearly 100% pvper (something I would never have been once upon a time) but it fits my life/work schedule nicely I can easy fit in a 15min WF. But so often I feel like I'm been penalized or forced to do PvE which really gets my back up.

    *steps of soap box*

    Apart from that keep up the good work Trion and lets hope the recent network issues don't cause too many bad vibes.

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    You can do 3 pvp dailys in 15 minutes and get 400-500 IS per day.

    I disable "Rift Treasure" on my UI and let it accumulate all currency over two weeks. Then I do a massive turn-in with 160%+50% boost. It helps quite a bit.

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