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Thread: Minor bug in lower level WFs

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    Default Minor bug in lower level WFs

    Hi, I don't know if this bug is reported already and it's not a big one but still I wanted to report it.
    When you level up and when you aren't anymore eligible to play in lower bracket you can't respawn anymore and you're just sitting there soulwalking until the round ends.It would be nice if it would be fixed somehow maybe.


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    I think this is deliberate. It used to be that when you leveled like to 40 say, you could finish the match in the 30s bracket. Hasn't been that way for some time now. I never had a problem with finishing the match but obviously someone did. Hurts the team really more than anything.
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    this is more of a thing at lvl 49/50 and 59/60.

    a player who is close to levelling can have the new level gear already waiting in their bag. for those two level groups, the gear difference is huge. it also opens up access to a new tier of abilities that can have a significant impact on the game.

    so...they just blanket deny players the chance to a god for a few minutes.

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