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Thread: Blighted Antechamber achievement bugged

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    Default Blighted Antechamber achievement bugged

    Last week only 2 of the 3 flags paid for Triple Threat achievement, Blind Alley wasn't working. Tonight I got both side flags and stayed on the flags till they were capped and both were not showing in the achievement.

    Andale! Andale! also needs to be checked. I'm sure I got it within 90 seconds but as I wasn't timing it I'm not 100% sure if this is bugged as well.
    Mickdayblind NA Defiant

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    It has some cool achievements I just noticed. I like the kill within 20m of capping.

    It seems like they fixed them though? I played yesterday and was getting a slew of achievements for that map.

    New round up of some high rank matches
    Chun-Li*E.Honda*Evil Ryu

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