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Thread: Conquest reward should be based off of your time investment.

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    Default Conquest reward should be based off of your time investment.

    I just lost a Conquest in 15 minutes and immediately thought to myself "wow, why can't -every- Conquest be this fast?"

    Despite losing I actually feel like a winner because I normally invest several hours of my time into a singular Conquest for the same exact reward. Additionally because that match was so fast I will now be able to queue for my next Conquest match even sooner, earning significantly more reward for far less time or effort.

    I just don't understand this flawed reward system. I feel like the longer the match goes on, or the longer an individual remains inside of a Conquest, the more reward he or she should reap regardless of the outcome.
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    You already are rewarded for your time investment. It's just not worth it. If you really want a better reward/time invested ratio just join CQ at the last min for a 1/3 chance to win and 100% chance to get the end bonus.

    Look at it on the bright side. The way it is you can mostly avoid CQ while still getting the currency you need from it.

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    if you keep encouraging everyone to become timer joiners, soon enough there wont be any left to start the timer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    Or to put it more simply, it doesn't matter if you're topping the charts if you're killing the wrong people.

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    You should be investing in a stock market between entering CQs during timer. Better payout.

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