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Thread: UNACCEPTABLE falling through the roof in cq steppes

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    Default UNACCEPTABLE falling through the roof in cq steppes

    How many bug reports do i have to issue about falling through the roof in cq?When it comes down to winning by a few points FOOTHOLDS MATTER,if you can't access them there is no point in doing steppes cq.FIX THE ISSUE pls,it's not like it's something new OR if this is too complicated give us the option of infinite UNSTUCK uses while not in combat.........gearing up takes RIC's,to obtain a RIC you have to win,to win you need access to FOOTHOLDS,not a "oh i'm stuck once again...who cares?"

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    I love when I nuke someone and they fall through the wall, it makes me feel like a superhero, or a Warlord.

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