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Thread: MMO PVP: The Basics

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    Default MMO PVP: The Basics

    First off happy Friday. I had my pre-drink and I'm getting ready to go out but first let me break down a little advanced mmo knowledge for you noobs.

    Rift pvp currently = Do whatever you want because the souls aren't balance properly. Therefore you donít need to rely on your teammates.

    In contrast you have the MMORPG Basics: The Trinity.

    PvE = Healer -> Tank -> DPS

    Healer supports the tanks who support the DPS.

    PvP = Tank -> DPS -> Healer

    Tanks support the DPS who protect the healer (by burning down over extenders quickly and efficiently).

    Contrary to popular belief OVER extending and leaving your healer high and dry (in most cases) will be detrimental to your team. A team with a proper assisting dps train should have no trouble burning through the heals to kill an ENEMY DPS.

    The TANKS donít spearhead the attack they assist the dps with guards and pull/buff/debuff/cc. Pull, kill, repeat, should be the cycle.

    In contrary RIFT ďtanksĒ (note the quotations referring to any overly-beefy dps from any class). They overextend by themselves, then kill by themselves, get top dbs by themselves, and top damage by themselves.

    There is no need for ranged (other then in cq) and there is no real need for cooperation with that type of balancing. The synergy is missing.

    I love Rift, I love the community, I love the trolling in /4 chat.

    Iím just so shocked when I come to the boards and I see. Oh we need to tweak 1% here and 2% here and everything will be fine.

    The problem goes back to mmo basics. They have been violated and everyone here realizes it.

    I understand it's crazy hard work to balance a game. Major props to the Devs for keeping the game fresh with regular updates. This is still without doubt the 1# f2p game and i'm glad I found it.

    Anyway have a safe Friday everyone.

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    MMO PVP: The advance

    Zerg = n * (premade dps + healer) + cross healing

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    Except it never actually works out that way.

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    You really can do either scenario in Rift. You could go full trilogy-role and rely on your team if you have a group, or go trilogy-hybrid and protect yourself if you're solo or don't know if you can rely on the group you're with. It's what I think is great about the Rift design. In other MMOs you're locked in to your slice of the trilogy.

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