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    PactGaming* lol , Howdy folks! We've finally decided on some Tournament styles to try in some upcoming pactgaming tournaments! We'd like to reach out to you guys as usual, and try to find any experienced rift pvp'ers to join us on the show!

    If you live in our local area of Houston Texas, then we'd love to have you come down personally! If not, dont fret! Just need a skype, and a webcam, and we'll edit you into the set! yay pretend!

    Its also good if you have a solid color sheet, preferably lime green or water blue!

    We are looking for someone with:

    Knowledge of All live souls
    PVP Understanding
    CQ Understanding
    Competed before
    Strong passion for Competitive play

    is NOT AN ELITIST - we hope to find someone with the drive to help motivate other players to play in competitive atmospheres to encourage more community events, and strengthen the rift core pvp group.

    Our goal is to find a player everyone already knows in the pvp world/end game - to help us push the community to amplify their "unity" in "Community".

    If you're interested, post away! It's all just for fun, as we're hobbyists ourselves! So come get invovled! We will look at sending you some stuff as well!
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