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Thread: new marvelous patron buff

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    Default new marvelous patron buff

    does this work on depleted supply crates? because out of the last 4 i opened i got 2 rokkox's, and i really don't think i need more than 5 of that ****ty mount. if that buff is working on these boxes it's actually hurting more than it's helping.

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    It's what you get for being able to Mount Up all time at a much faster rate. But for real, that would suck, because those mounts are ugly anyway >.>

    It really wouldn't surprise me if it did. Least the rest of the Patron stuff was cool.

    But yes you are right, if it makes Relics drop more than Epics, that is no good. I have such a huge stack already of redundant runes for example. But wouldn't mind a few more pieces of gear.
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    Got a tropical budgie from a crate in my weekly bonus.

    Still don't have a Rokkox so that would be nice too.

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