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Thread: About that arena you want.

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    If ratings actually mattered to people, fully geared players wouldn't be throwing matches so they can farm noobs.

    End of season bonuses (cosmetic) go a long way towards making people maintain ratings.

    Rift gives out no gear for rateds(thank god) but also has no cosmetic rewards(oops), how popular would you actually expect reward-free content to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caldern View Post
    Rift gives out no gear for rateds(thank god) but also has no cosmetic rewards(oops), how popular would you actually expect reward-free content to be.
    Trust me, they had NO intentions for it to be popular or used. They saw a perfect opportunity by leaving it reward free.

    Notice the lack of coms lately?

    By the way am I just crazy or did the "PvP & Warfronts"link (475k posts) just drop down 2 spaces below the "role playing" section?(67k posts) hmmm
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    Nothing wrong with tanking rating. I should be able to trounce bads at will.

    Win Trading? Well that's simply human ingenuity triumphing over the system designed to "serve the rich".

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    Default Re: Gunzip and the Arena Idea in General

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunzip View Post
    Here are snippets from the Wildstar-Online forums.

    The effects of ELO arena and all its problems with gated gear associated:


    I'm not sure what your concrete point is. In a general sense, there is nothing wrong with the idea of an arena being in Rift. If there would be any problems with it, then it is a simple matter of getting the details right. That's it.

    Having said that, I'm in favor of having a Spectators' Arena. I'm still thinking on the details of it, but, in general, it would be an arena which allows for more developed public PvP contests and even competitive PvE contests. For instance:
    • In terms of general experience, it could have an NPC crowd who reacts to certain player actions (i.e. "ooo-ing" and "aahh-ing" when a player deals a big critical hit, laughing at a player's taunt emotes after the said player does something successful).
    • Spectating Options: When the player wants to take a break and watch something, the player could literally sit around in seating of some sort (i.e. a bar-bleacher hybrid area) and watch contests until they want to do something active again. This could include:
      • Betting Options: Via NPCs, matches would be registered in advance, relevant facts on the contenders would be provided in advance (as much as it can be done), and bets could be taken in advance.
      • Viewing Showy Entertainment: Players could enable and customize entrances by which they enter the arena, especially to impress the audience (think how the WWE's Wrestlemania game series allows players to create and customize their own entrances).
      • Interactive Options:
        • For the Audience Itself
          • Amongst itself, the audience could bounce balls around (i.e. you bounce it by getting under it).
          • While sufficiently drinking enough drinks from the bar, layers could enter Drunk Mode and uniquely interact with other players in Drunk Mode, such as in being able to stumble into each other (enabling collison? used abilities?), jumping on and riding each other, pulling down each other's pants (aka "pantsing"), and enaging in food fights with visual food splats, slipping and sliding, and the like (food must be acquired and then used).
        • Between the Audience and Main Arena Battle Floor
          • They could picking up items like cups, bowls, and trash which are laying around and throw them (appropriate cooldown needed).
          • They could hold signs with customizable text.
          • They could be able to do joint emotes with the participants (i.e. a high-five or a fish-bump in which one person starts it by selecting it and putting out their hand and the other person finishes it by clicking on the said hand).
    • Match Scheduling: The arena could be a series of public instances of the same arena which are available on a first come, first serve basis. And the schedule of all activities could be monitored from an interactive interface which is located in the arena's lobby area.
    • Customizable General Environment for PvP and PvE Activities:
      • The option to have a low lighting settling in general, spotlight(s), and/or even various colored lights.
      • The option to use special objects like turrets (this would have to be tuned carefully).
      • The option for randomly generated or select obstacles like stationary or moving ground which can have certain optional object(s) on them (i.e. trees, climbing boulders, pools of water, etc.). Plus even options to completely replace the ground with other things (i.e. water).
      • The option for 3d landscapes in the battleground (i.e. think landscapes like the one in M. C. Escher's Relativity).
    • Customizable PvP Matchmaking: If and when PvP matchmaking voluntarily, the players can select mutually agreed upon optional match parameters (think of the concept of how the trading window works, but applied to match rules). These optional parameters can include:
      • The option for random or select third-party NPCs or player audience members to interfere unpredictably.
      • The option to enable special, temporary power-ups or special, temporary weapons which randomly spawn and must be physically picked up (ref. i.e. the power-ups in Classic Quake deathmatches).
      • The option to enable standardizing select player stats at certain predetermined values.
      • The option to disallow healing (for quick and/or brutal matches).
      • The option to fight without weapons (this would require physical attack skill tree(s) at the very least, ref. Item #2d).
      • The option for "tug of war" matches in which the player must exceed the DPS damage of their opponent by a certain amount in order to be able to stun and drag--via directional movment--their opponent to their goal area.
      • The option for "capture and keep the flag" matches with flag carrying options, such as slowing down the flag carrier, speeding up the flag carrier, and enabling and customizing any debuffs which go with carrying the flag.
      • The option for team battles (up to 10v10?) with a progressive elimination option or lose by first death option.
      • And so on ...
    • Customizable Competitive PvE Matches: As with Customized PvP Matchmaking, the players would select mutually agreed upon optional match parameters, but these would be in the form of competitive PvE matches (aka "indirect PvP"). For example:
      • Players can set up a certain succession of random or selected NPC enemies (regular or even boss level included) to fight individually in turns or together. And the player who beats the said NPC enemies in a certain way best wins (i.e. best individual time, staying alive the longest, the most first tags on monsters, longest best DPS, etc.).
      • Players can set up non-orthodox matches, such as artifact gathering contests.
      • In special monster vs. monster matches, players can select an animal or monster to tame, train them to fight (as in play them in the main world and let the AI learn from their habits) with fixed abilities and stats, and put them in AI matches against other players' monsters.
    • Varied Competitive Goals: The goals of competition in the arena could have many forms, as opposed to just getting academic wins. For instance:
    • Extra Immediate Rewards Automatic Rewards: Players get rewards, such as PvP currency and PvP XP rewards, in proportion to the difficulty of the match which they win. In general, this could be divided into and operate by tiers of reward quality, starting with victories in basic matches giving minimum rewards and these basic rewards exponentially increasing as more participants, more circumstantial factors, and more raw resistance are added.
    • Bets: Before making a match, players can put up certain objects to sweeten the motivation for making a match (i.e. platinum, dimension item(s) or dimensions, certain PvP currencies, PvP gear, etc.) (again, think of the concept of how the trading window works, but applied to match rules).
    • Championships: This could be handled in many ways.
      • There could be a variety of championships, such as division-oriented championships, class-oriented championships, championships for various team sizes, championships for PvP under specific circumstances, and the like.
      • Championships could come in different forms, such as in being both annual tournament prizes or a persistent status which must be continually defended in certain intervals.
      • Special championship matches, such as special, "winner take all" champion vs. champion matches.
    • Those who become champions could have their images (select ones from their character's Wardrobe screen) randomly displayed on banners around the arena's area. Otherwise, they would be posted on text lists which are displayed on signs at the arena's entrance.
    • Those who are champions could wear championship belts outside of the arena in order to show them off (i.e. think of prowrestling's title belts).
    I firmly believe that a well-developed Spectators' Arena has much to offer Rift, particularly in terms of drawing the player community together as a central, versatile, fun attraction. Frankly, the potential of its versatility could be endless.

    As far as gating PvP gear by one's arena rating and other such things goes, I would never recommend such a thing. Gating PvP gear by one's Prestige Rank is enough.

    But, as far as matching players during formal seasonal play by an ELO system goes, I would agree that we need a simpler, more logical matching system for Rift's arena. For instance, in terms of establishing general divisions and the eligible pool of opponents who go along with them, Rift's preexisting Prestige Rank system could be divided into separate categories for that very purpose. And, the exact rankings in each of these divisions would be determined by simple performance: detailed success (i.e. kills, matches won, difficulty of matches won, etc.) and any related bonuses (i.e. bonuses for back-to-back wins) minus basic losses (i.e. deaths, matches lost, etc.) equals one's rank. Plus, recording keeping should be like checkbook records in form.

    Yes, I would keep it that simple--no BS hidden in fancy math. Such simplicity would help keep Rift's arena system understandable and accessible to the average player.
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