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Thread: How to improve CQ balance?

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    Default How to improve CQ balance?

    I play on EU cluster, so some situations that I will describe might not apply to NA cluster :
    -CQ could be fun, but premades create such an imbalance that there's no fun at all. Being on the PM side is way more comfortable but it's so easy that it's nearly boring.
    - Atm, PMs are just exploiting CQ, it has nothing to see with friends playing together, just a way to assure an easy win and the final chest loot. There's no real counter to them, especially in Steppes CQ.
    - The strongest PM is abusing the current system queue by entering late in Stillmore CQ (when a team reach around 33%) when the 3 factions are more or less balanced (number wise). Each team has at best 2-3 raids. When the PM enters, it just crush all other teams by number imbalance and by stacking r90 players
    - Another PM is specialized in entering CQ very early in the morning, no rank required, they just play on number, as each team has around one group (not raid) and they have a full raid. They go fast, CQ lasts 10-15min at best, final timer included. Since cluster merge, I've not seen them though

    Suggestion :
    Create a subscribing system queue that starts at the end of previous CQ, any size of team is allowed to enlist (from 1 to 20).
    This queue will be locked let's say 10 mn before next CQ for the server to make the matchmaking. From then and till the end of CQ, anyone can still enter but as a solo player only, not team allowed.

    This matchmaking should have a specific rank system. Raids would be aware that they can be splitted in groups or even single players if there's no other way to balance teams.

    We can bet that soon, only friends PM will be created (mostly groups) if it's not a 100% win ticket anymore. That's how it always should have been

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    U can give the best solutions to solving the CQ problems.... but ..... Trion doesn't give a S.h.i.t about it. I'm sorry, but this is true.

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    the flaw is making the queue for 60 when in the match are 20 or 30

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    Since the merge CQ is fun. We got competition now. Steppes is still bad cause its a bad map design, third faction is stupid there. Stillmoore is nice.

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    Delete it, perfect balance.

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