1. Delete Steppes CQ

2. Put CQ Stillmoore on a 4 hour timer.
Stillmoore is still somewhat fun mass combat and still have some strategy. Steppes is imbalanced too much by premades to function right.

3. Put in a PvP questing zone with a bunch of dailies.

4. Create a PvP town with neutral guards. Similar to Isle of QQ from TBC in another mmo. Guards should be similar.Guards attack people who flag in their sight in town limits and are capable of killing people but not one shot them either. Basically guards are not able to be killed, hit really hard yet still allow for skilled players to have a somewhat low chance of escaping. In the early days of isle of Q, you could run from the guards but were generally low health by time you escaped and when you escaped you were a easy target for opposing faction.Surviving guards was not easy but not impossible either.

5.. Remove 60 PvP items from TB vendors and Rift store. Put them on vendors in the new PvP zone. Can be in 'town limits' but the idea is to encourage people to travel to the town to buy pvp items. This helps keep the pvp zone populated.

6. Add a new objective that the new pvp Zone on each shard that Defiant vs Guardian fight over. Have a 3 flag codex type of area. Each flag you hold awards points with the flags further from you awarding more points per tick. Have this new world pvp objective pop every 3 hours. The winning faction gets a PvP Raid Boss that drops pvp loot.They also get access to pvp consumable vendor that appears. The vendor could also travel along a route every 8 hours to give access to factions at a frequent disadvantage.

7. Have PvP dailies that take place around the zone.

8. Have less mobs in zone compared to normal zones

9. Have more resource nodes

10. Put in the ability for Guild vs Guild war declarations for same faction. However they are unflagged to each other when entering the pvp objective zone in the interest of 'faction support' during times of the zone faction battle event.

11 Put in Guild Alliances. Allow guilds to ally with each other. Their enemies become the others enemies except in the case of alliances. This will help small guilds be able to remain small while still engage in guild battles.

11. Put in a Small 'castle' in the zone that can be captured by a simple toggle of the flag. It will be captured in the name of your guild. Capturing the flag gives your guild a buff that lasts as long as you hold the flag. Anyone in the castle area will be flagged red to all others that are not in their guild or guild alliance.

12. Put in a somewhat minor but somewhat useful neutral vendor inside the castle area that will do trade with anyone. This will insure the castle is visited frequently as well.

rough drawing of concept