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Thread: [Video] Teaser Tempest!

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    Default [Video] Teaser Tempest!


    Hey y'all. Paradoxing@Seastone (rogue:main) coming at you as Pharadoxing@Seastone (warrior:alt) as I level another warrior to 60, this time recorded! I present "Teaser Tempest" as this is just a teaser of what I'm going to be posting. Still new at video editing so criticism welcomed!
    Note: Music gets good at 1:15 especially.

    The concept art shown in the beginning is of a snipping tool snagged picture off Trions live stream today. (which they denied my rogues duel requests on, and mentioned me! < 3!)

    Enjoy! ~ Many more videos to come including tutorials that were requested!

    Song: Animus Vox by Glitch Mob
    Program: Movie Maker
    Game: Rift 2.7
    Date: 6/28/14
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