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Thread: Warfront MvP, and soul bonus

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    Default Warfront MvP, and soul bonus

    I understand pay to play runs this game. Up the pay = a better free game. So a few ideas. MVP of a warfront voted by players, bonus to payout. Bonus to classes less played bonus to payout. MVP bonus, yes some will pick themselves but most know who was their best player. Similarly give support or tank a tiny bit more of a reward than the obvious choices of heals and dps.

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    i wish swtor had original ideas like this, i would still be playing it. it would prevent circle jerking and promote better pvp when people spam click objectives.

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    I can only think of one true and deserving MVP in our humble little PVP community. If you haven't already guessed it I will give you clues. This person is humble, understanding, loving, caring, and will stand there and take a beating no matter what. He is at my beck and call, he is willing to sacrifice himself for me and my team. He loves hearing other's lutes play and will let you know by following someone, just like the snakes being lured out of Ireland by the great and almighty Saint Patrick! This person is only available on a team of special importance, he feels he does need a buff however will take what he can. He doesn't ask for heals much nor does he ever pick up the fang but he is there by my side.

    This MVP of all PVP is Decoy.
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    You used to to cool.
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    yes lets add a popularity contest to the epeen elitist pissing contest O o .Have seen this in games it doesn't work, it's more about voting for friends and loud mouths calling everyone "noobs and L2p" rather than the guys just shutting up and playing the game and doing their job well.
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    MVP votes tend to go to friends, then healers.
    only rarely do they go to the player who actually contributed the most to winning the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    Or to put it more simply, it doesn't matter if you're topping the charts if you're killing the wrong people.

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    no thanks. This is a much fail system. Those with the largest numbers of guild members will get voted. And no again cos this wouldn't benefit the income of trion, unless u need to use credit to cast vote.

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    MVP in rift pvp would be whoever clicked the most flags.

    lol objectives

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    Definitely not voted by "players". Rift's PvP community is filled with terribles and trolls, and sometimes terrible trolls.

    An arbitrary point system would be much, much better.

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