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Thread: CONQUEST patch notes

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    Default CONQUEST patch notes

    * Turning in a stone or upgrading a Dream Generator now adds 500 conquest power to you and up to 30 allies around you!
    * Adjusted points requirement to 5,000, down from 10,000.
    * Reducing a team's score now only works on the team that is in the lead or is tied for a lead!
    Looks like the third team might actually make it to 100 points now in Steppes Conquest.

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    I'm most excited about the CQ power change, I missed CQ most of last week because it had just finished when I was logging in, took almost an entire match of steppes yesterday to just barely make the 1500 I needed to go back over 180k

    It would have taken 10 minutes of CQSM to get that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinrai View Post
    Looks like the third team might actually make it to 100 points now in Steppes Conquest.
    The consequence I see in this is:

    * The fort that Dom decides to attack first will determine which team will win. If Dom goes to A, NF will run stones while Dom and Oath are fighting, securing the win before CQ even gets rolling.

    * Teams that have a PM will have a HUGE advantage over pure PUG teams, since the PM leader will immediately take control. PUGs will run around aimlessly until it's too late to recover.

    * The kill count will become useless. There's little chance that teams will bring down the kill count before a team hits 5k. This is probably intended to force PVPers to "have fun" and run stones rather than kill other players.

    * A shorter SOI match will decrease the number of kills we can farm, hindering our ability to complete the weekly 2,000 CQ kills quest that we all need to progress. If you're on the crappy team and only get 200 kills per CQ, you effectively have to submit to being farmed 1+ CQ's per day, every day, just to complete the weekly. This problem will only be amplified for those that aren't welcome to join a PM, i.e. players less than R80 or who aren't a member of certain guilds.

    Sounds like tons of fun, doesn't it?
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    I am happy the matches will be shorter.. Thank you !
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    I hope they make a disable box for this:

    * When a player goes link dead, all group or raid members will now receive a chat message that they have gone link dead, along with the currently residing effect of their name turning gray
    New round up of some high rank matches
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    Rift pve is so easy players weren't even looking at the UI.

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