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Thread: About pvp stuff

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    Hello everyone i really think i dont undestand this, and i hope someone can help me, when i was prestige rank 30, i got vengeance 980 and valor 5097 only with 4 pieces of the Freelancer set, then i got another pieces and my numbers didnt changed, someone told me i need to be rank 70 and upgrade it to Warlord's set, and thats what i just did, i got rank 70 and upgraded 4 pieces, but i have the same numbers, vengeance 980 and valor 5097, i worked so hard doing warfronts, quests, conquests etc, to increase those numbers, and i really dont wanna think all my effort was useless, im really hoping this is a bug or something, because it will be a reason for me to leave the game if a rank 1 with 4 pieces of freelancer set will have the same stats than a rank 70 with full warlords set.

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    5112 is max valor. The reason your valor didn't change changing to freelancer is the bolster gives you basically freelancer base stats in any gear thats considered lower than freelancer. IE pve gear. Even full relic myrm is still 5112 valor but the gear stats are higher like veng, main stat and endurance. And the big upgrade from freelancer to warlord is the synergy it's so much better for some souls
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    I can't see any logical reason why you would upgrade pieces of veng on them and not gain veng (FL to WL should gain), aside from not re-runing gear but, I doubt every item you replaced had a rune with the perfect amount of veng to even it out. Unless the game if specifically broken for just you, math rarely lies. Are you sure there are no user errors involved?
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    it could be he has empty slots or pve items in many slots (essences/trinket/seal).
    he has the bolstered valor/vengeance, and those few items he upgraded were not sufficient on their own to reach past the bolster point due to the missing pvp items.

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