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Thread: How many failfronts can you take in a row?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecru View Post
    is that's what a failfronts is, then failfronts are my favorite

    my latest failfront


    must be the turtleneck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittyhawke View Post
    I'm pretty resilient when it comes to warfronts. I've never abandoned my team regardless of how bad some matches have gone, however I usually log off for a while after 5 or 6 back to back blowout losses.

    CQ is different, probably because I have a much lower tolerance for it. If I see a bad leader or a team pushing the timer, I'll queue for a warfront ASAP. I'll also bail if I see a horrible "leader" that says stuff like
    I know that guy!!..... Well by know I mean I've killed him cause he keeps killing lowbies in Silverwood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutaet View Post
    First, how do you know is the majority? You think it is because who you see is the people whining in this forum. You do not see the other side.
    Second, freelancer will help, make the low prestige players more competitive against more geared players, it levels the field, having green pve gear at a fresh 60 is not better than freelancer.
    Third, like I already said, premades hurt when is not managed the right way, I go with you there.
    Last, you are right again, whine all what you want, the only thing keep your whining in the forums, when you in the field playing just be respectful, the system is how it is and is not our fault for being allowed as newbs to play with you.
    As in every thread about majority or minority, frist it was seperate and pms had long que times. And it is very simple to find out, put the ques back and in 2 hours, pms will be on here complaining about que times, again. Though, i would hope both could be supportred.
    "There are other aspects of the game that we want you to engage in."


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