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Thread: PLEASE Increase RIC drops for those who run CQs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrastion View Post
    I believe you should get a RIC drop rate increase % wise if you enter CQ at timer, with an ever increasing chance every minute the timer decreases to a perfect 100% if you enter with 1 second remaining.

    In this way the mass majority of pvpers will get their pvp relic gear because they were actually doing pvp in wfs and only stopped to pve for a bit to see if they get a free chest.

    Or you could have added more notoriety for each of the wfs with 1 piece of BIS gear attained via pvp wf play, as would seem logical for a pvper. Logic...lol.
    I like the way you think. I wonder how hard it would be for trion to implement automatically applying the no-chest-loot invisible debuff to players who join at timer.

    At this point, Trion could decrease the drop rate and it would provide more balance.

    Considering warfronts as exclusively synonymous to pvp is... illogical.



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    I'm the exact opposite. I have an over abundance of warlord cells to upgrade gear sitting in my bank, waiting for a RIC. Favor is easy to acquire. I have yet to loot a RIC from a CQ chest despite numerous wins (over 75) since it's been implemented in game. I have gotten plenty of other non-pvp crap though. I used warlord marks and have purchased about 20 depleted chests, too.

    I almost at my second DIC. But only rick I get is the kind from being rolled.

    I play 15-20 hours per week.

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