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Thread: A Public Service Announcement for all mages out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathstormer View Post
    harbs do life damage tho. Death damage casters should be at least 5 in chloro but using the veil is silly. Same as any non life casting hybrid
    You see the point in my post was to troll my lovely Annoth because chloro synth heals are 110% better than LGV 61 harb heals. If you think harb LGV heals are something, I got news for you son.

    Do you still play this game Annoth because if you do I will totally un-quit and PvP with you

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    If I see Annoth on the other team, there really is nothing else to do but to do Sin and stick it to him. He LOVES ASSASSINS.
    New round up of some high rank matches
    Chun-Li*E.Honda*Evil Ryu

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