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Thread: TOP1 PvP

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    Default TOP1 PvP

    So in words of somebody wiser than me, i'll quote:

    ''Thanks for making us farm our eyes out of CQ ( btw no one ****ing enjoys feeling forced to do it) Spending most of the time you have to play CQ cause hey you need cells which guess what never ****ing drop! and to finish ur stupid weekly quests! TOP1. Oh look i have 2 hours to play Rift today yey... oh wait gotta do CQ for cells and to finish my weekly while getting stomped by premades. THIS IS WHAT PVPERS ENJOY DOING! TOP1!

    Thanks for giving us some sort of small scale pvp. OH NO wait you gave us rated Black Garden! TOP1! Hey pvpers we will give you something where you get no reward just so we can prove no one will do it and shut your mouth. Hmm lets try removing rewards from PvE and see how many people will do it! TOP1 effort.

    Thanks for merging the clusters on EU! Shows how much you guys give a **** about EU! We love the fact we can not fight each other! TOP1

    Thanks for introducing Physicians in PvP. TOP1

    Thanks for giving us this proper form of PvP called WFS! where premades stomp all over pugs. Cause hey both the premades and the pugs are having fun doing that! Oh wait none of them do! Damn we should just solo queue so pugs get a chance cause this isn't an mmo and we shouldn't play together. Mario cart anyone? TOP1

    Why should we give pvpers any form of organized pvp. Oh wait they dont need that because PvP is only for when you don't do raids. TOP1

    Thanks for debilitate. TOP1

    Thanks for hiring a guy that takes care of PvP. TOP1

    Basically thanks for making people that enjoy PvP quit.

    I do give you credit for actually making a pretty good game. Too bad you don't know how to threat your players and not giving a **** about PVP.

    Enjoy your Pvers and Rpers , I have better ways of spending my time and my money.

    TRION TOP1 ''
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