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Thread: Seastone GUARDIAN Premades

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    Default Seastone GUARDIAN Premades

    Summonius, Level 52 Pyro/Chloro Mage, Looking For Members (GUARDIAN side)

    Warfronts 50's

    Major Rifts I just got the ability to summon Major Earth Rift's, I have quests related to them, and I would like to farm the planarite and inscribed planarite for gear and abilities I need to purchase.

    Chronicles As I gear my character for Higher level instances and Expert Dungeons, I'd like to farm Chronicles a bit.

    Dungeons need to build up my friends list with good tanks and heals, so I can play at any hour. Currently gearing for Expert Dungeons and higher level normals.

    If you're up for it, looking to add capable players to your friend list, as I am - drop me a line ingame by tell or mail. Thx and be well
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    Seastone [US PVP] <HyperActive> GUARDIAN Recruiting Thread:

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