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Thread: So Trion whats the deal with this....?

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    Default So Trion whats the deal with this....?

    I have been an on and off again player for a few years, took a break from the game before it went free to play, now returning i figure would check out warfronts and see how PVP has changed if at all.. All i have see is the same canned pvp as it has always been, unbalanced teams, and the cycle of win one match every 40 matches. I am a Defiant i have no Guardian toons. and yet in the past 100 matches i have been Merc 80% of the time. So does this mean make a Guardian so i can finally MERC on Defiant side? So askin you Triom...whats the deal with this..?

    PS: Go ahead and flame away i rarely check or read flames. but if anyone has any valid info to share please do as i will always enjoy reading from people with a good set of ideas..

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    stuff changed
    its no longer guardian vs defiant but rather red vs blue
    i like that particular change, other changes not so much.

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    PvP has been fine from day 1. Bad team compositions are pretty much culprit to a plethora of bad pvp matches.

    I think this was suppose to help that...and queue times.
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    New round up of some high rank matches
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    The obvious solution is a system that chooses your role for you and places you in that role when you enter and greys out all other roles for the duration of that particular match. That would "balance" the matches right off the bat, no questions asked, can't have too many healers if the system assigns your role. Considering there isn't nearly as much skill required in PvP as people like to proclaim, really it's all just spending time to get rank gear and knowing your roles bursts and interrupts, this would bring a certain level of skill to PvP that just simply does not exist at the moment. So it's a win/win right? People would have to become efficient at multiple roles, people with only 1 or 2 roles might not get placed and have to wait for the next match.

    Ya it's unlikely this would ever happen, PvPers cry at every single turn, always have and always will. But this would solve too many of this or that and force people to learn multiple roles and eliminate the laughable skill talk that is repeated non stop.

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