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Thread: My take on PvP and warfront so far:

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    Default My take on PvP and warfront so far:

    Overall I think PvP is balanced except for Physician. I played both a DPS and my new Liberator spec. I think once things settle down and people go back to what they're comfortable with, you'll get a much better picture of what PvP will be like.
    For my 2 cents, Liberator isn't worth it unless there's other healers around to help out as well. It's not a good solo healer in a WF at all by any stretch of the imagination...but stack the Liberator with 3-4 other healers..it's pretty good.
    As for how I've been doing as DPS in this post 2.7 patch..pretty well especially when I actually get healing. I kill enough to make others focus fire me. LOL

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    physician still pales in comparsion to purifier :|

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